sparc64 and amr LSILogic MegaRAID 1.53

Marius Strobl marius at
Sat Apr 11 05:15:49 PDT 2009

On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 09:19:40PM +0200, Andreas Tobler wrote:
> Hello,
> I wonder if the amr(4) driver should work on sparc64. I see in the 
> GENERIC that amr is commented. Is this due to not working anymore, or is 
> this entry just an artifact and the driver did never work?
> I have here a HP NetRAID-1Si PCI card and tried the amr driver. The 
> first try failed due to amr calling bus_dma_tag_create with a NULL as 
> first argument. Fixing this gets me some steps further with a frozen 
> machine w/o bt.
> none0 at pci0:0:4:1:       class=0x010400 card=0x03a2113c chip=0x19608086 
> rev=0x05
> hdr=0x00
>     vendor     = 'Intel Corporation'
>     device     = '80960RP i960RP Microprocessor'
>     class      = mass storage
>     subclass   = RAID
> u60# kldload amr
> amr_pci_probe: called
> amr_pci_probe: called
> amr0: <LSILogic MegaRAID 1.53> mem 0x4400000-0x47fffff at device 4.1 on pci0
> amr_pci_attach: called
> amr0: busmaster bit not set, enabling
> amr0: [ITHREAD]
> amr_setup_mbox: called
> amr_sglist_helper: called
> amr_sglist_map: called
> amr_sglist_helper: called
> amr_sglist_helper: called
> amr_attach: called
> Hangs, hardreset here.
> My question, is this amr(4) driver in its current implementation thought 
> to work on sparc64, or is it only for LE systems?
> If it was working once, I'm interested to get it back working, well just 
> for learning purpose.

If you look at the annotated version of the sparc64 GENERIC you'll
see that amr(4) is commented out there since it was intentionally
brought over in that form from the alpha counterpart, so amr(4)
most likely never has worked on sparc64 so far. On a quick glance
it doesn't use any of the byteorder(9) functions so unless these
controllers can be switched into big endian mode, which is rather
rare for PCI chips and amr(4) doesn't do either, amr(4) currently
will only work in little endian machines because at least the DMA
addresses require conversion. This might not be the only problem


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