Translating L1-A

Randall Stewart rrs at
Mon Jun 25 18:37:47 UTC 2007

Randall Stewart wrote:
> Hi all:
> I have a silly sparc question..
> I have blown off an old Ultra-sparc 5 and am trying to
> put FreeBSD on it. I recently aquired a splitter that
> makes it so it goes into my KVM so I can use my standard
> monitor/keboard mouse.. real cool..
> But I need to enter L1-A so I can boot it to cdrom (its still
> on the old solaris :-D)
> I can't find my old sparc keyboard.. its around here somewhere.. sigh
> Does anyone know.. on a us PC keyboard what L1-A is?
> Thanks...
> R
Never mind silly question.. Just figured it out
with a bit more googling...




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