freebsd-update for sparc64?

Colin Percival cperciva at
Mon Sep 12 14:51:10 PDT 2005

Royce Williams wrote:
> I read in the Jan-Mar 2005 Status Report that Colin Percival intends to
> bring freebsd-update and portsnap into the base system.
> I assume that all the Tier 1 platforms would automatically inherit
> anything like this.

Assuming there is build hardware available, yes.

>  Does anyone know the status/plan for sparc64,
> who's working on it besides Colin (if anyone), and the timeline?

I'm the only person working on this; currently "get freebsd update building
running for non-i386" is stalled waiting for "rewrite freebsd update building
code to remove the ugly hacks needed for pre-6.0", which is stalled waiting
both for me to have more free time and for some new hardware to become available
(I hear that it's on the way).

I was expecting to get some work done on this over the summer, but I ended up
spending most of that time working on portsnap instead.

Colin Percival

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