FreeBSD 5.3 for Sparc64

Вадим Кузнецов kvn at
Thu Apr 28 06:05:34 PDT 2005

Здравствуйте, freebsd-sparc64.

 I have Sun Enterprise 450 Server.
   Processors: 3 x UltaSPARC II  300 MHz.
   Memory : 1024 Mb.
   Monitor and keyboard not present.
 I connect terminal to serial port.

I boot from boot_cd  FreeBSD 5.3R for sparc64_cd1.

Last message:
 Mounting root from ufs:/dev/md0

Which problems? How correct this?

С уважением,
 Вадим Кузнецов                          mailto:kvn at
т. (831-2) 46-18-10

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