Openboot device path.

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Mon Mar 22 17:06:07 PST 2004

Hmm, well - I don't remember if the Ultra 5 utilizes scsi or ata for disk
i/o, but here's what I do with my Ultrasparcs that are scsi based:

devalias - typing that should bring up a list of the default parameters
for booting disks/cdroms/etc and what their corresponding alias happens to

probe-scsi - best done right after a reset, the Sun will list all drives
connected to any scsi bus on the system (I haven't found an analog for ata
based Ultras yet...).

set-defaults - this will take all default values stored in the nvram and
re-institute the defacto parameters set from the factory.  Might not be
any help to you.

I really don't have any advice about verifying the "bootability" of a
disk.  If it doesn't have anything critical, and you have a relatively
fast connection, you could always <cringe> download the solaris 9 cd's and
verify proper functionality with those.  At least at that point you will
know the hardware is good if things work out.  I know it sounds stupid,
but I had a couple ata drives hooked up in an ultra 10 last month, and for
whatever reason the sparc was very angry about the way I had them hooked
up.  I successfully booted off a freebsd cdrom, and install the system to
the drive (freebsd detected it, everything looked kosher, sysinstall went
without a hitch), but upon trying to actually boot the system, the
prom/whatever couldn't find the ata disk.  Solaris wasn't as forgiving,
and I ended up hooking up the ata drives in a couple different (all valid
in my opinion) configurations before solaris agreed to install itself on
them.  Freebsd went on smooth again, and this time booted without a hitch.


On Mon, 22 Mar 2004, Mark Campbell wrote:

> On Sun, Mar 21, 2004 at 10:44:17PM -0500, Ken Smith stated:
> >
> > Try just "boot disk" and see if that does the right thing.  If the
> > Openboot firmware isn't horribly messed up that should know which
> > device the hard disk is.
> I tired this, it tried to boot off
> /pci at 1f,0/pci at 1,1/ide at 3/disk at 0
> HOwever it simply reports,
> "No boot record found"
> I'm thinking two things
> * Openboot is trying to boot off the wrong disk; is there any way to list the
>   devices on the system so I can try them manually, or even better which ones
>   I can boot from.
> * Even though I followed all the steps from sysinstall, it's possible that a
>   boot sector (MBR in intel world), however unlike the normal sysinstall I
>   wasn't prompted to install a loader after the disk partitioning table.
> If I can prove any extra information, please don't hesitate to ask,
> Thanks for your time and troubles.
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> regards,
> 	-mark
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