DMA disable for sandisk CF cards ?

M. Warner Losh imp at
Thu Jul 21 14:09:09 GMT 2005

In message: <aff8f8006e7620113e0ba99103d9c000 at>
            Michael DeMan <michael at> writes:
: I presume this would also work for non-booting devices too?  Like our 
: dev boxes where we burn cards and see numerous nasty log entries about 
: device timeouts and sometimes the flashcard burn works, and other times 
: it doesn't?

It works for non-boot devices.  But for non-boot devices, you can also
use atacontrol.  However, for a development box, I'd get a CF adapater
that groks DMA.  If you are using an CF to PCMCIA adapter, then the
problem is something else.  We usually see timeouts on CF cards that
have been static zapped in that case...


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