TinyBSD Call For Testers

Eirik Øverby ltning at anduin.net
Wed Jul 20 07:10:21 GMT 2005

On Jul 18, 2005, at 8:17 PM, Jean Milanez Melo wrote:

> Hello gentlemen,
> In the last saturday a new port has been added under sysutils/  
> category, ports/sysutils/tinybsd. TinyBSD is a tool which was meant  
> to allow an easy way to build embedded systems based on FreeBSD. It  
> is based on userland copying, library dependencies check/copy and  
> kernel build.
> We did our best to make the embedded system creation an easy and  
> specially fast proccess. The main (default) system generates an  
> embedded system image which is about 20MB in size, which is a very  
> generic approach, with a number of wired NIC support, and also the  
> most popular wireless support (including atheros), divert, bridge,  
> dummynet, firewall, etc; and CPU_ELAN (for soekris devices). If the  
> "generic" system gets tighten up the final result can be as low as  
> an 8MB embedded system.
> We are giving you this intro to ask you please to test TinyBSD out,  
> the most that you can, and send every possible feedback regarding  
> it. The main tinybsd goal is to make embedded systems creation a  
> process which must be
>         1 - fast
>         2 - easy
>         3 - 100% functional
> If you can test it, we would appreciate your thoughts. If you think  
> any of those 3 goals can't be reached for you, or could be  
> improved, also let me know.
> Thanks for testing

Without having actually tried yet (time hasn't been very permitting  
lately), is it conceivable to use this tool to create slim-but- 
functional jails? Sans the kernel part, that is?


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