PicoBSD diskless embedded 'where to start'

Chad R. Larson chad at DCFinc.com
Wed Feb 11 16:46:07 PST 2004

On Mon, Feb 09, 2004 at 04:31:13PM -0800, Bruce R. Montague wrote:
> Although I've looked at the m0n0BSD and miniBSD pages a
> few times, I don't know that much about them. Did m0n0BSD
> replace the rc scripts with an alternative? miniBSD looks
> like a good set of notes and manual procedures - good
> documentation - showing one way to copy and strip-down
> FreeBSD to compact flash.

Yes, the m0n0BSD has replaced all the /etc/rc.* files and various
other hidie configurations with a single XML file, which is
maintained and read by PHP scripts.

miniBSD is more of a traditional "stripped down" FreeBSD, somewhere
bigger than picoBSD but smaller than the live bootable CD.  It will
run out of someting like a 64MB CF card.

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