Making less

Cybertime Hostmaster hostmaster at
Sat Dec 13 12:57:51 PST 2003

> when you do da make buildowrld you can use a /etc/make.conf with
> things excluded you do not need. Or if you want a different make.conf
> than fr your base system you may use
> make buildworld __MAKE_CONF=/path/to/another/make.conf
> This is undocumented (I guess) but works on current.

No, that process is documented.

What is not document is a list of required to make FreeBSD run.

> I have once started with the one at the end of the mail by coping the
> one from my base system and adjusted it to my needs (leaving a lot of
> unneeded things like perl and papersize, ...)

The make.conf you sent is exactly what I have been needeing.  A point of
reference to some of the things that can be left out.

That will certainly get me a lot closer to what I need in the long run.


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