Add SHA-256/512 hash algorithm to crypt(3) (kern/124164)

David Magda dmagda at
Sun Jan 30 21:38:07 UTC 2011

On Jan 30, 2011, at 16:22, Mark Murray wrote:

> Just as a first cut, I'm going to "FreeBSD-ify" the code, to get it
> up to our style(9) standards. Apart from stylistic issues, we already
> have SHA256 and SHA512 in our libraries, and they don't have alignment
> issues, So I'll use them instead. You've donated to code to "public
> domain"; any objection if I make this a BSD 2-clause license with
> FreeBSD as the copyright holder? Many places have weird problems with
> the concept of "public domain", and 2-clause BSD is pretty darned close.

The patch and PR is not mine. I'm just an interested by-stander. :)

It was massage for FreeBSD by KIMURA Yasuhiro (see PR).  AFAICT, the public domain part is from the code provided by Ulrich Drepper (; his RH e-mail bounces):

Not sure which of the two would need to be contacted for the change: one? both? RH as well?

(Open)Solaris is another project that incorporates the code if that matters:

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