emacs installs a lot of 777 directories

freebsd001 at pc.jgr.de freebsd001 at pc.jgr.de
Fri Mar 6 14:57:37 PST 2009

                                             March 06, 2009
Dear list members,

I am not only wondering about the permissions of several
emacs-related directories as it has recently been mentioned
in this thread, but also about the ownership of several
emacs-related files. On several of my systems, a user in
the group wheel did su to become root and when installed
emacs via the ports by means of make and make install. Many
files installed are not owned by root as I would expect,
but by this user:

>uname -r -s
FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE-p9
>find . -not -user root | head -n 3
>find . -not -user root | wc -l

With best regards
Joachim Griesche

freebsd001 at pc.jgr.de

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