denyhosts-like app for MySQLd?

mouss mouss at
Tue Jan 22 17:59:25 PST 2008

Jordi Espasa Clofent wrote:
>> why do you open your mysql port to the world?
>> if you want to let users in from any place, then an ssh tunnel is 
>> safer (yes, works even on windows, using putty or whatever. and a 
>> user who finds this difficult shouldn't be able to run sql commands!).
> I completely agree with you; the problem is always the same: the 
> decisions are taken by non-technical staff in a lot of times.
> I've proposed a ssh tunnels for MySQL remote connections... but it 
> means "so hard" for final customers....

I know it's not easy. but depending on your customers, you may have some 
- if they can buy a license for sqlyog, it will support sql tunnels 
directly (otherwise, you need an external tunnel, which you can setup 
with putty or whatever).
- it should not be hard to use an ssl tunnel (stunnel or whatever)
- you might be able to ask what IPs are supposed to get there. even if 
it's not precise, this could reduce risks by only allowing few networks.

>> If this is too much, at least use a different port to reduce the 
>> noise (This won't add security, but will somehow limit 
>> exposure).scribe at"
> Of course.

This is generally consider "security by obscurity". I don't think so. 
This is making it harder for an attacker to get there without being 
noticed. while a script kiddie can run his script to try a stand port, 
if he wants to get inside a "local" port, he'll need to try many ports 
and for each port try the right protocol. This gives us time to get him.

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