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Derek Ragona derek at
Mon Apr 21 08:04:26 UTC 2008

At 01:57 PM 4/20/2008, William O. Yates wrote:
>Recently started using vi macros.
>When attempting to use one which accessed the external shell, got the 
>following message:
>"The ! command is not supported when the secure edit option is set."
>When attempting to ":set nosecure" got:
>"set: the secure option may not be turned off."
>When attempting to "set nosecure" in my .exrc file, got:
>set nonumber
>.exrc, 44: set: the secure option may not be turned off
>.exrc, 44: Ex command failed: pending commands discarded
>Looking through all the man pages, vi references, tutorials, and the the 
>oreilly vi "bible",
>can't find anything...
>Is "set secure" a compiled in setting?
> >From FreeBSD vi man page:
>        -S     Run  with  the secure edit option set, disallowing all 
> access to
>               external programs.
>        secure [off]
>               Turns off all access to external programs.

So you are using ! for external commands and not the like :w!

I would look at any defaults on the system that may be causing vi to run in 
secure mode, also check the mounted filesystem you are on is set to noexec.


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