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Mon Sep 11 09:17:50 PDT 2006

R. B. Riddick <arne_woerner at> wrote:
 > Bigby Findrake <bigby at> wrote:
 > > Travis H. wrote:
 > > > Wouldn't it be better to detect /and/ prevent an attempt to change the
 > > > system binaries?
 > > 
 > > That's how I interpret that passage from the handbook - that you should 
 > > detect *and* prevent.  I'm not clear on how anyone is interpreting that 
 > > passage to suggest that unequal weight should be given to one side or the 
 > > other (detection vs. prevention).  The above passage all but says, "don't 
 > > do X because that will interfere with Y."  I just don't see that advice as 
 > > advocating imbalance.
 > > 
 > Hmm...
 > I think, this "schg flag"-thing should be done to all files, but invisible to a
 > potential attacker... <-- PROTECTION

There's no need to make it "invisible".  First, it wouldn't
add anything to the protection.  And second, it could be
called a case of "security by obscurity".

 > When some attacker tries to get write access to that file or to move that file
 > around or so, it should result in a log message (like "BAD SU on ...")... <--
 > DETECTION (I think one of the first messages in this thread suggested that
 > already...)

That can be done with the AUDIT framework that has recently
been MFCed to 6-stable.

 > And removing that flag shouldn't be possible so easy, too.

What do you mean, "so easy"?  It's not easy.  The flag can only
be removed if security level < 1.  Once the system is running
at >= 1, lowering the security level requires a reboot.  Please
see the init(8) manual page for details.

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