[fbsd] HEADS UP: FreeBSD 5.3, 5.4, 6.0 EoLs coming soon

Dan Lukes dan at obluda.cz
Thu Oct 12 00:43:27 PDT 2006

Garance A Drosihn napsal/wrote, On 10/12/06 04:09:
> Your 4.x system is not doing to die when we EOL 4.x.  We're only

> This is an open-source project.  If it really is as easy to support
> 4.x with security fixes as you think it is, then "you" (all of you

	Yes, I'm ready to self-support the 4.x for me. In the fact, the problem 
is not in system, the problem is in ports, but I used few ports only, so 
it's acceptable.

	But, maybe for my poor knowledge of english, you misunderstand the 
point of my think.

	The main problem is - 6.x is still not competitive replacement for 4.x. 
I'm NOT speaking about old unsupported hardware - I speaked about 
performance in some situation and believe in it's stability.

	It has been serie of decisions of commiters and release team that 
create current situation and all I say is, the resulting situation is 
not good because we must drop product when worse replacement available only.

> who depend on a 4.x system) should be able to do that work without
> help from "us" (the people running AMD64, ARM, PowerPC, Sparc64,
> or even just recent i386 hardware which is not supported by 4.x).

	I fully understand it. But' I'm not sure if there is sufficient amount 
of users of those new platform in the community. I sayd the commiters 
prefer to work on new toys over maintaining the previous code (including 
it's own). I understant the working on new toys is more interesting work 
than debugging code with not so exact PR in hand only. Despite of it, I 
respect the sovereighty of an commiter to decide what he want to work 
on. May be - the project need to adopt commiters of another sort - those 
who are ready to review old code, repairing bug and polishing. Well - 
it's off-topic here.

	I sayd the current situation (which has no good solution) is result of 
recent decision.

> I don't want to sound unsympathetic here, because up until just
> six months ago I was also depending on security fixes for 4.x.
> But after having two of my personal PC's fried (due to a broken
> air-conditioner), I have now moved on.

	I'm also preparing to transition, but it's first time I'm changing 
better version and thinking I'm upgrading to worse system than previous ....

	Despite of anything I sayd, we should thank for the whole team for it's 
work. I'm sure anybody do all he can.


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