is this mbuf problem real?

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Wed Feb 18 06:21:25 PST 2004

Version: 1  2/18/2004 at 03:47:29 GMT 
Initial report
FreeBSD Memory Buffer Exhaustion Denial of Service Vulnerability
(iDEFENSE Exclusive): Remote exploitation of a denial of service (DoS)
vulnerability in FreeBSD's memory buffers (mbufs) could allow attackers
to launch a DoS attack.

By sending many out-of-sequence packets, a low bandwidth denial of
service attack is possible against FreeBSD. When the targeted system
runs out of memory buffers (mbufs), it is no longer able to accept or
create new connections.

Analysis: (iDEFENSE US) Exploitation of this vulnerability requires
that the targeted system has at least one open TCP port.

The DoS will last until the port is closed, either by the attacker or
the target machine.

Detection: iDEFENSE has confirmed this vulnerability exists in FreeBSD
5.1 (default install from media). It is expected that it also exists
in earlier versions.

Exploit: iDEFENSE has proof of concept exploit code demonstrating the
impact of this vulnerability.

Vulnerability Types: Design Error - Denial of Service	 	
Prevalence and Popularity: Almost always	
Evidence of Active Exploitation or Probing: No known exploitation or
spike in probing	
Ease of Exploitation: Remotely Exploitable
Existence and Availability of Exploit Code: An Exploit exists and is
closely traded.	
Vulnerability Consequence: Availability

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