Question about securelevel

Peter Radcliffe pir at
Wed Feb 11 09:36:52 PST 2004

twig les <twigles at> probably said:
> There was a blurb on this in the 3rd Ed. of Practical Unix &
> Internet Sec.  Basically they opined that hard drives with a
> physical switch for read-only would be neat in some
> circumstances since you can still write to a read-only fs if you
> can get to the raw device.  If anyone has a link to a drive that
> has that I'd be interested to see.

I've seen quite a few drives with a jumper setting for RO, documented
as read only, or "write protect".

Picking up a random disk on my desk (a Sun branded seagate ST39102LC,
scsi LVD/SE disk) it has a jumper labelled "WRITE PROTECT".



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