Questionable merits of inetd replacements

Bruce M Simpson bms at
Thu Sep 18 17:28:39 PDT 2003

[subject change]

On Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 01:27:49PM -0600, Scott Gerhardt wrote:
> Better Yet, what about using xinetd which is much more configurable and
> robust.  I am surprised that FreeBSD's default installation still uses inetd
> instead of xinetd.

FreeBSD's inetd offers features which are not present in xinetd, support
for IPSEC policy settings being one of them.  I fail to see how using
xinetd would be an improvement -- pardon my ignorance if there are features
in xinetd which you feel would somehow benefit the user base enough to
justify a change.

If inetd is not suitable for your needs, consider installing the xinetd port,
or integrating it into your own OS engineering build.


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