MD5 checksum missmatch for bpft4

Illia Baidakov illich at
Fri Sep 5 09:00:08 PDT 2003

Hello freebsd-security,

  Apologize if it's offtopic, but:
  The message digest checksum for bpft4 from ports/net/bpft does not
  matchs the one printed on the sources page at
  My digests are 3810114b068f438cc7e8e0b1af745953 from top 6 links.
  Only last
  gave the right cheksum - 9bf42e8eabd2de2db1e28dc671651adb.
  Does it have any relation to "CERT Advisory CA-2003-21" or it's
  another problem?
Best regards,
 Illia                          mailto:illich at

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