really clean install?

88 beastie beastie88 at
Wed Nov 12 23:02:57 PST 2003

Good evening, I was finish the FreeBSD4.9 installation from CD, and only do some edit with the /etc/rc.firewall, /etc/rc.conf, /boot/defaults/loader.conf, and recompiling the kernel to support my ext2 backup harddisk, with sndcard support too.

This's a old laptop (ibm380z), i have chkrootkit warning after all finished, i attached my uname -a, dmesg, pkg_info and chkrootkit result, please guide me whether my machine have problem? or it's a bug?

Sorry I just play with HandBook for a month, I'm totally newbie who afraid is hacked, please help!

Thanks in advance!
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