IPFW: combining "divert natd" with "keep-state"

Jan Grant Jan.Grant at bristol.ac.uk
Fri Jun 20 05:49:28 PDT 2003

On Fri, 20 Jun 2003, Jim Hatfield wrote:

[there was more]

> >: ipfw add 300 deny ip from to any in via rl0
> >: ipfw add 300 deny ip from any to in via rl0

>  But one question first: do you
> ever get hits on the second rule 300? I would have thought
> it very difficult for anyone to route a packet to you with
> a non-routable destination address. Surely only your ISP
> could do that?

Do you trust your ISP? If the choice is between a rule that has no
benefit providing everyone configured their stuff correctly, and leaving
out the safety-net because you expect to not need it, that's a pretty
simple choice.

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