POP daemon

Chris Shenton chris at shenton.org
Tue Jun 17 18:50:02 PDT 2003

Vlad GALU <vladg at vipnet.ro> writes:

> 	I can't complain about qmail-pop3d either. Does wonders,
> but you have to use qmail though :)

Agreed about qmail's pop3d.  All of the qmail suite has a very good
history of security.

But you don't *have* to use qmail's smtpd and MTA, but you will have
to use a Maildir mailbox format -- it's what pop3d reads.

You can actually configure sendmail to deliver to Maildirs using the
"maildrop" program and I understand recent "procmail" can do this too
-- configure sendmail to use these instead of the regular local
delivery agent.

I prefer qmail but if you feel compelled to use sendmail, this is an
option.  Also, single-mailbox-file-per-user will *always* be slow for
POP users who want to leave a bunch of mail on server.  This kills
qpopper, ancient or modern versions.  Maildir's one-message-per-file
makes this easy since it doesn't have to rewrite a big mailbox file
all the time.  

Other MTAs like courier understand Maildir natively.

And if you're looking for an IMAP server which is Maildir-aware, I
like courier's imapd, available separately from the entire courier
suite, if you want to combine qmail with courier-imapd.  They're all
in the ports, /usr/mail/*.

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