user can't member more than 15 group

Mitch security at
Tue Jun 10 16:09:46 PDT 2003

                Hello All !

why freebd user can't member more than 15 group ?
my system is FreeBSD 4.8-RC

I need that scripts running
from user "master" make some changes if files that owned by other users.
Shurely i can set UID of master to "0" but this increace vunerability
of system.

in /etc/group I add


--- all work Ok user master member of all user1-user15 groups
(this user "master" with ID!=0 , in server polisy reasons, must have
additional right for access to fises that belong
 user1 - userXX, if 775/664 right set to files)

 but if i add
user "master" not member of user16 group until i remove it from any
other groups == it can not write to files that onned by
user16:user16 and rights 664/775

I search in LINT but can not find anyone according to increase GROUP

Best regards,
 Mitch                          mailto:security at

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