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|Is there any way to bond sniffer interfaces?
|I've read a little on netgraph and it seems 
|like i maybe able to use that but i'm not sure 
|how to go about that.
|Basicly the end result is to have snort listen on
|a virtual interface, which will have data sent to
|it from say fxp0 and fxp1. I also want to make sure that
|data from fxp0, fxp1 or $VIRTUAL doesn't get sent out 
|fxp1 or fxp0 for some reason.
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|I'm sure i checked this before, but a google search turned up this.
|ngctl mkpeer fec dummy fec
|ngctl msg fec0: add_iface '"sf2"'
|ngctl msg fec0: add_iface '"sf3"'
|ngctl msg fec0: set_mode_inet
|ifconfig sf2 promisc
|ifconfig sf3 promisc
|ifconfig fec0 promisc
|after this fec0 will be the virtual if that gets the frames.
|This does depend on the fec module.
|# cd /usr/src/sys/modules/netgraph/fec/ 
|# make && make install 
| <- this is where i found it.
|which points out this poster.
|So is there a reason the netgraph fec module isn't built by default?

	Yes. It's not very stable. Better use ng_one2many.

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