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Kris Kennaway kris at obsecurity.org
Sun Aug 24 10:47:59 PDT 2003

On Sun, Aug 24, 2003 at 10:38:49AM -0700, Colin Percival wrote:
> At 10:14 24/08/2003 -0700, I wrote:
> >  Either I'm missing your point, or you're missing my point.  There are 
> >five release branches now which are "not officially supported", but I 
> >have yet to see any circumstance where they have, in fact, not been 
> >supported.  If those branches were not being supported because people 
> >were too busy to support them, I'd understand perfectly; but as far as I 
> >can see, those branches *are* being supported.
>   Oops.  As hawkeyd at visi.com has just pointed out to me, I didn't look far 
> enough; SA-03:01, :02, :03, :05, and :06 didn't have official patches for 
> the unsupported branches.

Yep.  In many cases the security team will go "beyond the call of
duty" to fix problems in non-supported releases, but it comes down to
factors like how significant the hole is, how easy the patch is to
backport and how motivated security-officer is to fix it for
non-supported releases.

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