auditing source code (was Re: realpath(3) et al)

Jacques A. Vidrine nectar at
Tue Aug 12 12:57:36 PDT 2003

On Tue, Aug 12, 2003 at 10:56:18AM +0200, Simon L. Nielsen wrote:
> On 2003.08.11 16:34:40 -0700, Mike Hoskins wrote:
> > Wasn't there a page (maybe there still is...) showing sections of the base
> > system as 'assigned' to certain individuals, with contact info listed?  I
> > think it was pretty stale for awhile, but maybe something similar could be
> > revived and maintained.  If it already is, great!
> There is 

I wasn't even aware of this page. :-)

> but it hasn't been updated for
> a very long time.

``a very long time'' > 4 years, apparently.

Ugh, unfortunately this underlines too well that organizing an effort
won't make it happen ... people actually still need to do the hard

Having said that, perhaps we should give this one more chance.  I will
think about resurrecting this.

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