Panic when removing a SCSI device entry

Joerg Wunsch freebsd-scsi at
Sun May 8 20:36:38 UTC 2011

As Kostik Belousov wrote:

> > I could perhaps setup a serial console, so to get at least DDB
> > functioning if you'd like to see more details.  ...

> Serial console is fine, I do want to see a backtrace.
> There is also "show cdev" command in ddb, that might provide some
> useful information.

OK, I'm setting up a DDB kernel right now, and attached an old laptop
as the console terminal.  I also applied your suggested patch.

> INVARIANTS may be also useful, since the kernel might catch the
> corruption earlier.

As INVARIANTS has a performance impact, I'd like to avoid that by now.
Let's see first whether an analysis is possible without that.  If not,
would it suffice to just compile kern_conf.c with INVARIANTS?

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