mps(4) driver (LSI 6Gb SAS) commited to stable/8

Josh Paetzel josh at
Tue Mar 8 23:26:45 UTC 2011

On Saturday, February 19, 2011 07:30:08 am Martin Nilsson wrote:
> >> Thank you Ken for getting this done. Any plan to support the LSI 9240
> >> (skinny) cards? if its a matter of hardware to develop with, contact
> >> me off list and I can provide you with a development system.
> > 
> > That'll be up to LSI most likely.
> > 
> > If it has the mpt2 interface, then I'm sure they'll support it through
> > the mps driver.
> > 
> > If it has the MegaRAID interface, then the mfi driver would need to be
> > modified.
> It is the mfi interface and the driver at LSI:s web supports them, the
> new driver should compile on both i386 and amd64 the previous one were
> i386 only.
> /Martin

The mfi driver on the LSI web page supports the 9240, whereas the stock 
FreeBSD mfi driver does not.  The LSI driver breaks mfiutil however, so make 
sure you have megacli or the like working.

Xin Li is looking at merging support for the 9240 into FreeBSD mfi, but the 
two have diverged so it's not a slam-dunk.


Josh Paetzel
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