MFI driver issues

Erich Weiler weiler at
Tue Mar 1 19:28:07 UTC 2011

> it looks like I may be able to use the MPT driver instead of MFI to 
> resolve my problem?  And it looks like it maybe was recently committed 
> to 8-STABLE?  But I don't see MPT in this snapshot I'm on, so maybe I'm 
> mistaken.  Anyone have any ideas?  

Hmm..  it seem that the MPS driver is in the source on 8-PRERELEASE from 
March 1st 2011, so I think I have it from when I compiled the most 
recent kernel:

# find /usr/src -type f -name \*mps\*

Is there any way I can load MPS instead of MFI to manage my Perc H800 
LSI controller?  Maybe an rc.conf line to add or something?  I looked 
around for MPS documentation but couldn't find any as of yet.


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