LSI SAS 1064E in FreeBSD 6.2

Scott Long scottl at
Sat Oct 13 15:52:04 PDT 2007

supportsobaka at wrote:
> Hello
> SL> supportsobaka at wrote:
>>> Hello
>>> LX> The support was MFC'ed at: Thu Jun 8 17:47:35 2006 UTC (16 months ago)
>>> LX> by mjacob.
>>> LX> Therefore, if it does not work, could you please let us know (preferably
>>> LX> with pciconf -lv output if you could, so we will be able to figure out
>>> LX> what's happening) so we can fix it?
>>> We did as described here
>>> and system was started on FreeBSD 6.2-release p8
>>> But some problem still present.
> SL> What problems persist?  Are you talking about the "Unretryable Error" 
> SL> messages, or something else?
> Yes, first about "Unretryable Error",

This error is harmless and can be ignored.  It looks like disk devices
did indeed show up, yes?

> and second - "none0 at
> pci4:0:0:" for Broadcom Ethernet.

Doug White might be able to help you here.  It might be as simple as
just a missing PCI ID in the driver.


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