Which SCSI Raid controller?

Thomas Vogt freebsdlists at bsdunix.ch
Fri Oct 5 10:08:13 PDT 2007


I'm looking for a fully supported SCSI Raid Controller for FreeBSD (6.x
and 7.x).

Requirements are:

80Pin SCSI 320
Low Profile card
Min. 1 Channel
At least support for 6 SCSI disks
At least 64mbit ram (128+ MB are preferred)
PCI-X, PCI-E or PCI (64bit)
32 and 64bit OS support
Cli tools for managing and it should work on FreeBSD
Raid 0,1,5 support
Not EOL in 6 month

Battery support would be nice too.

Any ideas?

In the past I was very happy with Adaptec 2100S but it's EOL. I don't
like the new Adaptec 2120 and 2130 cards. Mainly because there is no cli
tool available which works well.


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