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Current FreeBSD problem reports
Critical problems
Serious problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o kern/39388   scsi       ncr/sym drivers fail with 53c810 and more than 256MB m
o kern/40895   scsi       wierd kernel / device driver bug
o kern/52638   scsi       [panic] SCSI U320 on SMP server won't run faster than 
s kern/57398   scsi       [mly] Current fails to install on mly(4) based RAID di
o kern/60598   scsi       wire down of scsi devices conflicts with config
o kern/60641   scsi       [sym] Sporadic SCSI bus resets with 53C810 under load
s kern/61165   scsi       [panic] kernel page fault after calling cam_send_ccb
o kern/74627   scsi       [ahc] [hang] Adaptec 2940U2W Can't boot 5.3
o kern/81887   scsi       [aac] Adaptec SCSI 2130S aac0: GetDeviceProbeInfo comm
o kern/90282   scsi       [sym] SCSI bus resets cause loss of ch device
o kern/92798   scsi       [ahc] SCSI problem with timeouts
o kern/93128   scsi       [sym] FreeBSD 6.1 BETA 1 has problems with Symbios/LSI
o kern/94838   scsi       Kernel panic while mounting SD card with lock switch o
o kern/99954   scsi       [ahc] reading from DVD failes on 6.x (regression)
o kern/110847  scsi       [ahd] Tyan U320 onboard problem with more than 3 disks

15 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o kern/23314   scsi       [aic] aic driver fails to detect Adaptec 1520B unless 
o kern/35234   scsi       World access to /dev/pass? (for scanner) requires acce
o kern/38828   scsi       [feature request] DPT PM2012B/90 doesn't work
o kern/44587   scsi       dev/dpt/dpt.h is missing defines required for DPT_HAND
o kern/76178   scsi       [ahd] Problem with ahd and large SCSI Raid system
o kern/96133   scsi       [scsi] [patch] add scsi quirk for joyfly 128mb flash u
o kern/103702  scsi       [cam] [patch] ChipsBnk: Unsupported USB memory stick

7 problems total.

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