Hangs with Adaptec 29320

Nico -telmich- Schottelius nico-freebsd-scsi at schottelius.org
Thu Jun 7 10:35:52 UTC 2007

Hello Scott,

Scott Long [Thu, Jun 07, 2007 at 04:30:18AM -0600]:
> Nico -telmich- Schottelius wrote:
> >Hello Andrea,
> >
> >Andrea Venturoli [Thu, Jun 07, 2007 at 12:31:18AM +0200]:
> >>Scott Long wrote:
> >>>Nico -telmich- Schottelius wrote:
> >>>>Hello!
> >>>>
> >>>>This same things described in the mails from Andrea Venturoli happens
> >>>>on Tue Dec 26 08:36:16 PST 2006 happens here with the Dell SC1425.
> >>>>
> >>>>Also gmirror, also 39320, but freebsd 6.2.
> >>>>
> >>>>Did somebody find a solution?
> >>Not really, but I stopped experiencing this king of panics. At least, I 
> >>stopped experiencing them so often.
> >>This seemed to happen after I upgraded to the latest 6.2 patchset, 
> >>Lots of LOR and other strangeitudes will show up, but they seem to be 
> >>mostly harmless.
> >
> >Ok, will try that, too. Though this will be only possible on our
> >secondary machine.
> >
> Turning on every debugging option under the sun to slow the system to a
> crawl is probably not a very good strategy.

Well, not for production, just thought for debugging.

> As I said in a previous
> mail, if you are having problems with the ahd driver, please contact the
> ahd driver maintainer directly.

Ok, will do.

> >I've had a look into src/sys/dev/aac/* and it looks like there are
> >no changes since freebsd-6.2-release.
> I still have no idea why you are associating the aac driver with the
> 39320 hardware.

I am sorry, I mixed it up.


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