performance with LSI SAS 1064

Ulf Zimmermann ulf at
Thu Aug 30 13:10:52 PDT 2007

On Thu, Aug 30, 2007 at 08:52:34AM -0500, Eric Anderson wrote:
> >Ah, I didn't know that Seagate made 15k drives in the 2.5" form factor, 
> >I was expecting just 7200 or 10k.
> They are the only ones to my knowledge.  These little drives are *FAST*.
> Eric

HP brands the Seagate ones, there are 2.5" SAS 36GB and 72GB, both
in 10K and 15K and then 146GB in 10K currently (at least what HP sells).
I have been seeing on Raid 5 and Raid 6 ADG via HP P400 and P800 controllers
as much as 180MB/sec during large writes on 4 and 6 drive arrays. I was
impressed when I first got my initial servers with SAS. But under Linux
I have seen lately some issues I need to check more. Wished I could
run more FreeBSD though :-/

Regards, Ulf.

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