Maxtor atlas 10k iv with AIC-7902 on FreeBSD

Scott Long scottl at
Tue Aug 28 12:43:25 PDT 2007

raul.rodriguez at wrote:
> Hello
> Look. I have a problem with an Integris CathLab System.
> It only uses 18GBytes HDD. And nowadays you can figure how difficult is to
> get such as discs. Can you tell me a way to limit by Firmware the capacity
> of a brand new Disc let says 73 GBytes to just 18GBytes.
> By the way, and sure that’s the way Philips works when you order a new disc.
> Bye
> Raul

This is generally not considered a useful feature for most people, so 
it's not something that FreeBSD is naturally able to do =-)  You'll need
to hack src/sys/cam/scsi/scsi_da.c so that when it issues a 
READ_CAPACITY command, it ignores the results for your particular drive
and instead substitutes a synthetic 18GB value.


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