Recommendation for scsi disk array?

Eric Anderson anderson at
Thu Apr 27 13:42:53 UTC 2006

Adam McDougall wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 27, 2006 at 07:02:20AM -0500, Eric Anderson wrote:
>   Adam McDougall wrote:
>   >I am setting up two 1U servers to be FreeBSD Postgres servers.
>   >I want to use a 3U SCSI disk array attached to each one for the PG data.
>   >I have 73G hitachi disks already that I want to use to populate 8
>   >out of 16 slots of each of two arrays.  Redundant 120v power supplies
>   >are important, hot swappable would definitely be nice, swappable 
>   >redundant fans would probably be good.  I don't really need environmental
>   >monitoring, and I will raid each array using a PCI card (lsi logic) in
>   >each server.  
>   >
>   >Does anyone have any product/company recommendations, or past experience 
>   >with a suitable product or company that hopefully still exists?  Any 
>   >warnings
>   >or bad experiences with any products out there?  I should purchase soon
>   >and need to work on the product research.  Thanks.
>   I highly recommend the arrays from ACNC:
>   We have over 20 of them in use.
>   They have triple redundant hot swappable power supplies too.
> That is actually what I am replacing because they have been unreliable.
> We have four, one had host scsi channel go out when a mounting rail was
> attached to it, one forgot its firmware when we shut it off for moving it,
> one new one had massive problems talking to the disks and had to be replaced.
> one failed the raid with a multiple disk failure an hour or so AFTER we 
> moved the array, and the other I was going to use to replace the previously
> mentioned failure but some error messages from some of the disks on bootup
> made me think twice about it, so it is gathering dust.
> In short, once you get it working, don't EVER move or touch the array or you
> are putting the array at risk (mostly the data).  

Well, first, I must admit I am actually using the fiber channel arrays, 
not the direct attached scsi arrays.

Secondly, I've never had any problems of the sort with them, and we've 
move ours around several times, even across town to a new datacenter.

Sorry you've had such bad luck!  What does ACNC say about it?


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