most rock solid SATA Raid card for 5.4-RELEASE and 6.0-RELEASE

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Mon Nov 14 14:24:28 PST 2005

On Mon, 14 Nov 2005, Scott Long wrote:

> The 16-channel 2610SA is supported in FreeBSD 5.4, just under a slightly
> mangled name (21610SA, IIRC.  I was apparently confused about the name
> of this when I added it).

I don't think so ... the 2610sa is a different thing, I think - it is a
Dell CERC controller - here is one on ebay:

and as you can see, it is 6-port only.

> I'll also be updating the RELENG_5 code stream soon with the new aac
> improvements that are in 6.0.  This will include the corrected name for
> this card as well as IDs for many new cards.

Can you keep this Dell CERC (2610sa) in mind, and grab those identifiers
in the link from my original post and stick them in as well, if
appropriate ?

> As for general SATA RAID support in FreeBSD, it has gotten better in the
> past year.  Adaptec has started putting engineering resources into the
> aac driver and has also updated the aaccli tool.  The LSI Megaraid
> driver (AMR) has gotten a lot of improvements from both the community
> and from LSI.  They also have a FreeBSD management tool, but it's a bit
> primitive.  Areca has come onto the scene with full FreeBSD driver and
> application support.  The Highpoint RocketRAID series is also fairly
> well supported.  And there is always the 3ware 9000 series.  I assume
> that Promise SATA is also supported, but I don't know much about it.
> So yeah, there are a bunch of options.  Email me in private if you want
> my personal recommendations.

Ok, all of the items you list in this last paragraph - the adaptec
engineering, the better aaccli - are all of those to be found in
5.4-RELEASE, or do I need to go to 6.0 ?


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