Problems with 6.0-release inside vmware 5

João Carlos Mendes Luís jonny at
Sun Nov 6 13:57:21 PST 2005

Joao Barros wrote:
> On 11/6/05, João Carlos Mendes Luís <jonny at> wrote:
>>    I tried to install a vmware 5 virtual machine with 6.0-RELEASE, using
>>physical partitions.  In this mode, even ATA disks appear as SCSI to the guest
>>system.  In VMWARE ghest, this also means a buslogic mpt controller.
>>    Up to 5.4-stable, this worked ok.  But at 6.0-release, the mpt controller is
>>detectd, but no disk is found.  Any hints?
> I have 6.0 working under VMWare 5.0 using physical partitions.
> When you add a new disk you are given an advanced option where you can
> specify IDE or SCSI. VMWare by default goes SCSI, so you must have
> missed it as it's very common to happen.

    For me, it only asks for IDE or SCSI on logical disks.  Maybe because I am
not using the whole disk, but only some of its partitions.

    My main intent is to be able to dual boot Windows and FreeBSD, and keep both
running, with Windows vmware hosting FreeBSD (I would prefer the other way, but
vmware3 is a bit old).  I need a secondary root partition, because of kernel and
config changes, but the data partitions could be shared.

   BTW: Maybe this can help.  I'll copy scsi@, maybe they can find this problem

    The only messages sent by the mpt driver are:

mpt0: <LSILogic 1030 Ultra4 Adapter> port 0x1080-0x10ff mem
0xec800000-0xec800fff irq 17 at device 16.0 on pci0
mpt0: MPI Version=
mpt0: Unhandled Event Notify Frame.  Event 0xa.

   If I enable verbose booting, there are to many messages for me to understand
each one.

    Also: In the install CD fixit shell, "camcontrol devlist" finds no device,
but "camcontrol devlist -v" finds two VMware devices <VMware, Virtual S 1.0>, at
scbus target 0 and 1.  If I do a "camcontrol rescan all", and then another
"camcontrol devlist -v", even these devices disappear.

    I did also try disabling ACPI during boot, but no luck.

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