Adaptec SCSI RAID 2230SLP and 5.2.1-RELEASE

KC Somaratne kc.somaratne at
Fri Jan 7 23:06:46 PST 2005

Ray Gilstrap wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> Okay, the system is up and running with the change that you committed.  
> The kernel (5.3-STABLE) recognized the controller just fine and I was able 
> to do fdisk/bsdlabel/newfs/mount on aacd0.
> I haven't done any meaningful performance testing yet...  I had started 
> playing with the (randomly chosen) Bonnie benchmark, but it reported 
> strange numbers that are apparently an allergic reaction to the large 
> amount of RAM in the machine.  Let me know if there are other tests that 
> you'd like me to run.  In the meantime, just having the array (a 3-disk 
> RAID 5) up and running is a great start.  Thanks again!
> ray

Hi Ray,

How have you found the above to be behaving under 5.2.1? Are you happy
with it's performance and stability? How easy/difficult is it to
manage this card using the aaccli management app?

I was initially considering this card for two new servers. That's when
I posted this original thread to the freebsd-scsi mailing list (which
you found on the google groups).

Later, I was looking at the HP Smart Array 6402/128, as this seem to
be supported by the widely popular ciss driver and the management app
support seemed pretty good too. But the vendor is refusing to budge on
the price for the whole package.

So, now I am forced to back look at the Adaptec Card again. The only
other option available is the IBM ServeRAID-6M which seem to be be
giving headaches to a lot of people (looking at the last 3-4 months
mailing list archives).

Would really appreciate your feedback, as you've been using this card
for over 2 weeks now.

Thanks in advance,

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