Adaptec 19160 and SCA-80 drive

Scott Long scottl at
Sun Mar 21 15:50:13 PST 2004

On Sun, 21 Mar 2004, Mark Dixon wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got an Adaptec 19160 and I have connected it to a 9gb SCA-80 drive via an
> adaptor which converts it to a 50 pin SCSI device. This works well in Debian
> Linux, and grudgingly in Windows (it seems to take a few seconds longer than
> it should to figure out whats going on), but FreeBSD really doesn't like it.
> With Parity on, FreeBSD refuses to boot claiming parity errors on all SCSI ids
> on the board (despite there being only one disk attached). It then locks up
> attempting to destroy the disk (I presume it doesn't mean that literally).

FreeBSD doesn't detect when you've brute-forced a wide drive to a narrow
cable.  If you are intent on keeping this configuration (which I would
really discourage), then you need to jumper the drive to narrow mode
and/or go into the SCSI BIOS and set the properties of all targets to be

This works well in linux because we wrote the code to handle this kind of
stuff (called Domain Validation) last year.  Unfortunately, we haven't had
time to port it to FreeBSD.


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