ibm x335 and LSI 1030 perfomance

Nikolai Schupbach nikolai at
Sat Dec 11 16:33:29 PST 2004

We are using a patch from Kenneth Vestergaard Schmidt which appears to 
be a different patch than the one created from Jan Rybensky. (perhaps 
these guys should have worked together :-)

We are successfully running this on 4.10R on a few machines, but as with 
Jan's patch this does not address all the issues. Specifically 
re-synchronizing takes days and disk performance is noticeably reduced 
during re-syncing. However once the mirror is synchronized performance 
is great and the driver has been extremely stable without any issues to 

The mpt driver needs a new maintainer. I would love to see this driver 
finished and fully support thie  LSI 1030 in IM mode. I would even pay 
to get someone to complete this and have it committed to future releases 
of FreeBSD. (anyone interested?).

I've not tried this patch against 5.3, however it applies cleanly to 4.9 
and 4.10.


 > Hi, anyone have success story, making this hardware work well. I have
 > IBM x335 with LSI 1030 in IM mode (RAID1) working via mpt(4) but it
 > has very poor perfomance. As i understood it's becouse mpt(4) don't
 > correct initialize hidden drives and saw patch for FreeBSD 4.9, i try
 > make this patch work for 5.3, but without success. Maybe someone
 > already do it ? or any information about solution for this prorblem.
 > Patches i saw is here but i can't test it.
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