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Critical problems
Serious problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
f [2000/08/18] kern/20689  scsi        Newbusified version of ncr driver does no
f [2001/05/03] kern/27059  scsi        (symbios) SCSI subsystem hangs under heav
o [2001/06/29] kern/28508  scsi        problems with backup to Tandberg SLR40 st
o [2002/06/17] kern/39388  scsi        ncr/sym drivers fail with 53c810 and more
o [2002/07/22] kern/40895  scsi        wierd kernel / device driver bug
f [2002/09/15] kern/42796  scsi        NCR/SYM 53C825 driver detects scsi cdrom 
f [2002/11/25] kern/45713  scsi        If you use the amr driver, it is impossib
f [2002/12/09] kern/46152  scsi        Panic in adw dumping to tape
f [2003/05/16] kern/52331  scsi        4.7 to 4.8-REL upgrade: SCSI disks on sym
f [2003/09/14] kern/56759  scsi        [hang] System freezes when writing CD Adv
f [2003/09/14] kern/56760  scsi        [hang] system hangs at boot with adaptec 
f [2003/09/14] kern/56871  scsi        dd can't write variable length data block
f [2003/09/18] kern/56973  scsi        SCSI errors from on-board Adaptec (AIC7xx
s [2003/09/30] kern/57398  scsi        Current fails to install on mly(4) based 
o [2003/12/26] kern/60598  scsi        wire down of scsi devices conflicts with 
a [2004/01/10] kern/61165  scsi        [panic] kernel page fault after calling c
o [2004/09/15] kern/71778  scsi        5.3 BETA3 doesnt see Adaptec 2015S FW Rev
o [2004/12/02] kern/74607  scsi        FreeBSD 5.3 install CD crashes on SCSI de

18 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2000/12/06] kern/23314  scsi        aic driver fails to detect Adaptec 1520B 
o [2001/08/15] kern/29727  scsi        [amr] [patch] amr_enquiry3 structure in a
o [2002/02/23] kern/35234  scsi        World access to /dev/pass? (for scanner) 
o [2002/06/02] kern/38828  scsi        [feature request] DPT PM2012B/90 doesn't 
o [2002/10/29] kern/44587  scsi        dev/dpt/dpt.h is missing defines required
o [2003/10/01] kern/57468  scsi        [patch] Quirk for Quantum LPS540S
o [2003/10/01] kern/57469  scsi        [patch] Quirk for Conner CP3500
o [2004/09/22] kern/72010  scsi        [patch] mt -f /dev/rsa0.ctl comp off, or 

8 problems total.

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