Problems installing onto DAC960 (Mylex Acceleraid250)

michael Alexander linux at
Mon Dec 29 09:43:17 PST 2003

> The hang at the 'Waiting 15 seconds...' is likely not related to SCSI.
> While the DAC960 card uses SCSI, it's FreeBSD driver does not attach
> through the SCSI subsystem at all.  99% os hangs that happen at this
> point are due to incorrect interrupt routing.  The RedHat work-around
> appears to confirm this.  There really is no fix for 5.1 and 
> 4.9 unless
> you can experiment with moving the DAC960 to a different PCI slot.
> FreeBSD 5.2 has a much more comprehesive interrupt routing 
> algorithm and
> will likely address your problem.  If the 5.2 CD doesn't work, try
> booting it with ACPI disabled (either via the BIOS or the boot menu).

Will the miniinst be good enough to at least let me know if it is going to
work or not?


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