SCSI Disk not found

Michael E. Mercer mmercer at
Thu Dec 4 09:31:03 PST 2003

The drive that can not be found is a 
Western Digital WD Enterprise 4360
4.3 GB Wide-Ultra SCSI

I have removed the second SCSI controller card (PCI) and
 the Seagate SCSI Hard Drive.

All that remains is the On-motherboard scsi controller and the
western digital SCSI drive.

The Compaq Configuration Utility sees the drive.
But FreeBSD does not.

Any ideas? Is this Drive supported?

Michael E Mercer

On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 22:06, Riley J. McIntire wrote:
> > From: Michael E. Mercer
> > Ok, its the "System Configuration Utility" supplied by Compaq not the
> > BIOS.
> > Michael
> Just to jump in...after reading the thread you probably have hardware
> raid 0 (mirroring) on the system using 2 controllers and 2 drives--the
> Compaq cu should tell you what's going on. The OS will see the 2
> mirrored drives as one. I'd be careful about changing scsi IDs until you
> determine what's going on.
> hth,
> Riley
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