Adaptec 2120S?

Scott Long scottl at
Fri Aug 8 19:20:11 PDT 2003

Scott Ballantyne wrote:

> I am contemplating building a server using FreeBSD 4.8 with two Athlon
> 2400MP and a Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW motherboard.
> I'd like to use RAID on this box, and am wondering if anyone has any
> experiences with the Adaptec 2120S at all, but of course, especially
> with this combination. I'm also interested in recommendations for
> drives.
> Thanks in advance for any input.
> Sincerely,
> Scott

The 2120S works fine, though it seems to be problematic when paired with
Seagate Ultra320 drives.  Make sure that you have the latest firmware
for both the card and the drives.


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