My hard disk is slow!!!

merlin bsd m3rlinbsd at
Wed Apr 16 08:11:29 PDT 2003

Hi all,

First of all you need to know that I never used a SCSI
drive previously and I bought this second hand disk
some days ago  to experiment on my home webserver :)

the HD is an IBM 4giga 5400rpm with a 50 pin connector
the card is diamond fireport 40, symbios 53c875 (from
what i found on google :) )
Well the installation went well (it was 2 weeks ago)
but i didnt notice any change in speed rate... after
checking the actual I/O speed I only get 4k at maximum
:-/ and most of the time its around 2k...
So I google google  and google again but I cant get
more... I saw a lot of people having bad speed with
this driver but those posts were made years ago...

I compile my kernel with the following :

device sym
device  scbus
device da

Should I add any option to this? or is my HD bad(I
bought it very cheap :D)? 

If anybody can help thanks again,
have fun!

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