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Mon Feb 6 01:19:33 UTC 2012

Dirk Engling <erdgeist at> wrote
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er> On 01.02.12 05:04, Dirk Engling wrote:
er> > The attached network6.subr is a shell script demonstrating the
er> > ipv6_addrs_common function inside, for playing around one can use some
er> > of the values the supplied get_if_var dummy function returns.
er> Following up my shell script I patched my /etc/network.subr to properly
er> work with the ipv6_addrs_IF variables while also removing some bugs in
er> the interface configuration code. ipv4_addrs_common also has been
er> patched to handle ranges in all octets.
er> The patch at
er> has been tested on my FreeBSD 9.0, fixing some bugs introduced in the
er> rewrite of ifalias_up/ifalias_down for 9.0, as well.
er> I also have back ported the code to work under FreeBSD 8.2, the patch
er> against my 8.2-RELEASE's /etc/network.subr can be found here:

 I also looked into an ipv6 counterpart of the ipv4_addrs_common, and
 your patch looks good, but I am a bit concerned about adding another
 independent knob to configure IPv6 addresses to rc.conf.  I feel this
 range specification can be integrated into ifconfig_IF_aliasN and it
 will be simpler than adding another knob.  What do you think about

-- Hiroki
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