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Critical problems
Serious problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2003/03/03] conf/48881  rc          [PATCH] The influence of /etc/start_ifnam
o [2006/06/09] conf/98734  rc          [patch] /etc/rc.subr restart_postcmd is f

2 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2002/11/12] conf/45226  rc          Fix for, ppp-user annoyance
o [2003/03/03] conf/48870  rc          [PATCH] allow to cancel inter
o [2003/08/24] conf/55916  rc          [PATCH] ppp-user options
o [2003/11/04] conf/58939  rc          [patch] dumb little hack for /etc/
o [2004/11/08] conf/73677  rc          [patch] add support for powernow states t
o [2004/12/07] conf/74817  rc          [patch] network.subr: fixed automatic con
o [2005/02/18] conf/77663  rc          Suggestion: add /etc/rc.d/addnetswap afte
o [2005/03/16] conf/78906  rc          [patch] Allow mixer_enable="NO" in rc.con
o [2005/03/24] conf/79196  rc          [PATCH] configurable dummynet loading  fr
o [2005/05/14] kern/81006  rc          ipnat not working with tunnel interfaces 
o [2005/08/27] conf/85363  rc          syntax error in /etc/rc.d/devfs
o [2005/09/07] conf/85819  rc          [patch] script allowing multiuser mode in
o [2005/11/13] conf/88913  rc          [patch] wrapper support for rc.subr
o [2005/11/15] conf/89061  rc          [patch] IPv6 6to4 auto-configuration enha
o [2005/12/03] conf/89870  rc          [patch] feature request to make netif ver
o [2006/01/30] conf/92523  rc          [patch] allow rc scripts to kill process 
o [2006/02/25] conf/93815  rc          [patch] Adds in the ability to save ipfw 
o [2006/03/31] conf/95162  rc          [patch] Missing feature in rc.subr
o [2006/04/26] conf/96343  rc          [patch] rc.d order change to start inet6 
o [2006/05/04] conf/96766  rc          run_rc_command doesn't work for Python sc
o [2006/05/15] conf/97311  rc          [patch] /etc/rc.d/ipfilter reload can loa
o [2006/06/25] conf/99444  rc          [patch] Enhancement: rc.subr could easily
o [2006/06/28] conf/99595  rc          [PATCH] /etc/rc.d/dhclient doesn't intera
o [2006/07/02] conf/99721  rc          [patch] /etc/rc.initdiskless problem copy

24 problems total.

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