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Current FreeBSD problem reports
Critical problems
Serious problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o conf/48881   rc         [PATCH] The influence of /etc/start_ifname on /etc/rc.
o conf/98734   rc         [patch] /etc/rc.subr restart_postcmd is failing start_
o conf/98758   rc         [patch] Templatize 'jail_fstab' in /etc/rc.d/jail
o conf/98846   rc         [patch] Templatize 'jail_rootdir' in /etc/rc.d/jail
o bin/104623   rc         "rc.d/ppp restart" stops all instances of ppp
o conf/105689  rc         syslogd starts too late at boot

6 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o conf/45226   rc         Fix for, ppp-user annoyance
o conf/48870   rc         [PATCH] allow to cancel interface status d
o conf/55916   rc         [PATCH] ppp-user options
o conf/58939   rc         [patch] dumb little hack for /etc/rc.firewall{,6}
o conf/73677   rc         [patch] add support for powernow states to power_profi
o conf/74817   rc         [patch] network.subr: fixed automatic configuration of
o conf/77663   rc         Suggestion: add /etc/rc.d/addnetswap after addcritremo
o conf/78906   rc         [patch] Allow mixer_enable="NO" in rc.conf
o conf/79196   rc         [PATCH] configurable dummynet loading  from /etc/
o kern/81006   rc         ipnat not working with tunnel interfaces on startup
o conf/85363   rc         syntax error in /etc/rc.d/devfs
o conf/85819   rc         [patch] script allowing multiuser mode in spite of fsc
o conf/88913   rc         [patch] wrapper support for rc.subr
o conf/89061   rc         [patch] IPv6 6to4 auto-configuration enhancement
o conf/89870   rc         [patch] feature request to make netif verbose rc.conf 
o conf/92523   rc         [patch] allow rc scripts to kill process after a timeo
o conf/93815   rc         [patch] Adds in the ability to save ipfw rules to rc.d
o conf/95162   rc         [patch] Missing feature in rc.subr
o conf/96343   rc         [patch] rc.d order change to start inet6 before pf
o conf/96766   rc         run_rc_command doesn't work for Python scripts
o conf/99444   rc         [patch] Enhancement: rc.subr could easily support star
o conf/99595   rc         [PATCH] /etc/rc.d/dhclient doesn't interact well with 
o conf/99721   rc         [patch] /etc/rc.initdiskless problem copy dotfile in s
o bin/100287   rc         /etc/rc.subr cannot deal properly with interpreted dae
o conf/102700  rc         [PATCH] Add encrypted /tmp support to GELI/GBDE rc.d s
o conf/102722  rc         kerberos5 server startupscript should use --detach
o conf/102913  rc         /etc/rc.d/named killall in jailed OS
o conf/103486  rc         [rc.d] [patch] rc.d/jail: mount fstab after devfs
o conf/103489  rc         [rc.d] [patch] named_chroot_autoupdate doesn't work in
o conf/103976  rc         rc.d/named restart failure
o conf/104408  rc         command not set in rc.d/isdnd, can't stop isdnd with t
o conf/104549  rc         [patch] rc.d/nfsd needs special _find_processes functi
o conf/104884  rc         [patch] Add support EtherChannel configuration to rc.c
o conf/105145  rc         [PATCH] add redial function to rc.d/ppp
o conf/105568  rc         [patch] Add more flexibility to rc.conf, to choose "_e
o conf/105570  rc         [patch] to allow tun(4) in rc.conf 'cloned_interfaces'
o conf/106009  rc         [patch] Fix pppoed startup script to process multiply 

37 problems total.

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