Use of rcorder for local rc.d/*.sh scripts

Brooks Davis brooks at
Tue Jun 7 00:31:43 GMT 2005

On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 08:14:47PM -0400, J.R. Oldroyd wrote:
> On Jun 06, 16:54, Brooks Davis wrote:
> > 
> > This isn't feasable in the general case with current infrastructure.
> > The problem is that you need to make it up to mountcritremote before you
> > have any assurance that /usr/local/etc exists.
> > 
> > Ports contains a work around that allows port to install script in
> > /etc/rc.d if they truly need to appear before localpkg.  Such ports
> > generally still need to have scripts that run after mountcritlocal and
> > won't work on systems where /usr/local is remote unless it is on /.
> > 
> > From the perspective of someone who works on the diskless scripts, I
> > think that sorting scripts in localpkg and using this hack is a decent
> > comprimise.
> > 
> > Another note, this decision will need to be discussed with ports@ since
> > there are a lot of scripts in ${LOCALBASE}/rc.d.  There's also at least
> > one binary (postfix).  I'd like to see this change happen, but there are
> > a lot of issues to work out.
> > 
> The solution for that would be to:
> 	- rcorder the /etc/rc.d scripts
> 	- execute the scripts up to mountcritlocal and a dummy script
> 	  that has a "PROVIDE: MOUNTCRITLOCAL" or similar
> 	- rerun rcorder on the complete script list (including the
> 	  locals)
> 	- execute the list again, this time skipping over any in
> 	  /etc/rc.d before the MOUNTCRITLOCAL is reached (since they
> 	  were done before)
> I don't know if that's getting too complicated.  I have to say I
> prefer to keep things simple.

You actually have to run to mountcritremote not mountcritlocal since you
may not actually have /usr until after mountcritremote.  I don't think
this is worth it.

> I also looked at /etc/rc.subr:run_rc_script and discovered that it
> handles "foo" and "" differently.  "foo", if executable, is run
> in a subshell, whereas "" is sourced into the current shell.
> I suspect we don't want all the local rc scripts sourcing into
> the /etc/rc shell.  I.e., to make a change like this, all local rc
> scripts would need to be renamed as well as having rcorder tags
> added if not already there.

I would recommend against this change.  We have to keep compatibility
with 5.x and probably 4.11 for now which means we can change the
comments to preserve necessary ordering within the directory, but
removing the .sh will cause problems.

> I currently use the hack to localpkg which I originally suggested.
> I needed it because several existing ports fail to start without it
> and that change does fix the problem.

I think your original suggestion is the direction we should take.
Things that truly need to run before or after localpkg can be handled by
an existing ports mechanism.

-- Brooks

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